We carry 4 product lines here at Chad Rookstool Salon. Oribe, Kevin Murphy, R&Co and Rahua. Below I have posted some of my favorite products from each line. This page is to shed some light on different hair types and textures and how using the correct products for your hair can enhance your everyday look/style/feel. Click on the product to read a quick description. xo.

This product helps form your natural curls into beautiful soft waves while fighting against dryness and frizz. Let air dry or blow dry in.

My personal favorite hairspray. It gives your hair the perfect amount of hold without making it sticky or stiff.

Give your hair that extra TLC that it most likely needs. This deep conditioning masque helps repair damage and gets your hair feeling soft and healthy.

Amazing at home treatment + gloss to keep your hair color vibrant. Helps with fading and gives your color the ultimate boost. Use 2 x a week in place of conditioner.

apply roots to end before you blowout your hair to feel like you just left the salon! It coats the hair for protection while adding shine and body.

Use this 1-2 x a week in place of shampoo & conditioner. This treatment restores the hair with elasticity, strength and moisture.

Best. Detangler. Ever. Cuticle sealing formula protects hair from damage caused by heat. Leaves your hair feeling silky without weighing it down.

Best dry shampoo for truly soaking up oil and giving instant volume and texture.

Favorite finishing product to really define and separate hair, while adding a little grit and texture. Also helps with static and "fly aways".

Super Shine Light is a must have in everyones product drawer. It protects the hair from heat damage while giving moisture. You will see and feel an instant difference after using. Apply mids to ends before blow drying.

Shine, moisture and perfume for your hair all in one bottle. Blow dry it in or spray on after you're done styling for glam looking shine.

Day 3 hair? This shampoo cleanses and clarifies the hair and scalp leaving it feeling super refreshed and clean without drying it out. Also good for guys who wear product daily.

Absolute favorite go-to for mens styling. With a matte finish this product will give you total control over your hair without it looking too defined or gelled.

Victoria Secret bombshell hair? Yes, please. This Apre's beach wave and shine spray will give your hair the ultimate bounce it needs. Even with the instant volume and texture your hair will still be soft and touchable.

This OIL-FREE volumizer gives your hair total lift at the root. You will feel the lightness thru out the day. Apply at roots and work excess product thruout the ends.